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Carole’s July Blog 2

Dear All,

Our chairperson, Norman Johns had a letter published in the News and Mail of 15 July,2021  which goes as follows:

Dire conditions for cyclists and pedestrians

Dear Editor, A Woking Borough Council officer who we met could not appreciate why I and Steve Millard from the Woking Cycle Users’ Group were very concerned about the state of pavements and roads in the town centre. The risk to children, adults and cyclists in Woking is extreme.

The temporary pedestrian lights at the bottom of High Street are still giving just four seconds for people to cross the road and the contraflow cycle route on the High Street has been blocked by unjustified and unnecessary bollards for some time.

The short time allowed to cross the road before traffic gets the green light has been pointed out to the authorities many times.

The cycle lane markings under Victoria Arch are no longer visible and bollards are obstructing this route on both sides of the road. The condition of the A320 Guildford Road, especially at the to take point where traffic enters the access to the railway sidings, is dire.

The road surface is so bad that I need to take a line in the middle of the road putting me at risk.

It seems that Surrey country Council also accepts these extreme conditions, stating the pedestrian crossing is a temporary arrangement—even though it has been in place for many years.

No wonder the UK has the worse road death records for children—especially the disabled – pedestrians and cyclists than any other country in the world. What a disgraceful situation.

Norman would like me to draw this article to your attention and ask all members  to write to WBC and SCC putting their individual comments  forward and lamenting the situation. He hopes the power of the masses will prevail.

Meanwhile we received the notification on the Muddy Lane court of appeal decision which was held 8 July 2021. For those who would like to read the decision in full you can follow this link:   For those of us who want to just know the results, the appeal was not upheld so for now it remains a bridleway for our use, but the objectors may opt to take their case further.

We also received an email from Highways England to say: In May the Secretary of State for Transport asked for more time to make a final decision on whether we can continue with our proposals to improve the M25 junction 10/A3 Wisley interchange. In his statement, the Secretary of State shared a new deadline of 12 November 2021. 

Our Virtual Pub night will be next Tues. 27 July starting at 7PM. Please ask me for the link.

Our next easy Sunday ride will be 15 August  leaving the leisure centre at 2PM. Don’t forget to bring a spare innertube for your bike should you have a puncture.  I fear the last ride was not well attended but the 30 degree heat may have had something to do with it!!

Keep hydrated if you are cycling in this heat and stay safe.

Happy Cycling,

Carole Frost
WCUG membership secretary

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Carole’s July Covid-19 Blog

Dear All,

I can’t decide if this is summer or not!! Talk about changeable weather. We were fortunate to have decent weather on our last ride to see the giraffes of Send. Our next easy Sunday ride will be 18 July leaving the leisure centre at 2PM. Norman will be leading the ride. Don’t forget to bring a spare inner tube for your bike should you have a puncture.

For those who want more of an adventure, Barbara and George are cycling to the coast on the Downslink starting on Sat. morning 17 July. If you would like to join them get in contact with Barbara direct: or mobile 07742 80 90 31.  They are going to wild camp on Saturday night and cycle back on Sunday but as an alternative, you can come back by train on Saturday.

We had to postpone by an hour Pub night last week due to the footie but this month we will already be champions or mourning our defeat! Virtual pub night will be 27 July at 7:00.  Please contact me for the link.

Happy Cycling.

Carole Frost
Membership secretary

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