A245 and A3 Cycle lanes

We are actively involved in campaigns to improve facilities for cyclists on two very busy local roads.

A245 Cycle lane

We’ve realized what a boon it would be if you could cycle down the A245 without having to take your life in your hands between Byfleet and Cobham.  Soooo we have started a petition asking the council to make the footpath that runs down the side of the road into a shared cycle/pedestrian path. It wouldn’t solve the whole problem but means you can stay off that main busy “A”  road for most of the way. It also keeps you off the main road if you are going from Weybridge or Byfleet past Silvermere and on to the other  side of the M25 towards Ockham. If we get enough signatures on the e-petition, we can go to the Local committee meeting and plead the case. You can read about the proposal and sign the petition by going to:  http://petitions.surreycc.gov.uk/A245CycleRoute/     If you belong to another cycling organization or know anybody who lives in Surrey and would like to see cyclists off the busy A245 ( I bet even motorists would like that!), will you please pass on the message about signing the petition.

A3 Cycle lane

When sending out requests for people to sign Norman’s petition regarding shared space on the A245, we sent an email to all those who were involved with the Muddy Lane forms.  We heard back from Keith  Creswell who suggested we also petition to have a cycle lane between Mill Lane and Wisley Lane on side of the A3. I have always thought this would be a good idea but when we brought it up on the cycle forum, we were told it was under the Highways England jurisdiction and not Surrey County Council.  Keith approached the Highway England office and spoke with Ian Kennard. He was disappointing but some possible positive aspects.

  1. they are aware of the need to provide improved pedestrian and cycle access around the “Ockham” junction and the existing footbridge.
  2. for a specific cycle path or pedestrian path specifically where we would like they will need statistics of likely users and/or evidence of current position being dangerous
  3. the potential Wisley airfield development would impact on the need for such a scheme
  4. there is a major scheme in early planning stages for improvement of A3 from Pains Hill to Ockham including M25 junction and cycle way provision that will go out for consultation but will not provide anything until 2020. Highways England would not consider any smaller developments along this stretch until the major scheme’s future was determined!

He thought the next step was to contact other local cycle groups to garner both support and try to build up a pattern of demand. We suspect Highways England will respond to pressure from DfT so we should ensure we put pressure on the relevant local MPs once we build up a groundswell of demand.”

He had an email from RHS supporting the plan.