10 Ways to stay safe in traffic

  1. Leave that lorry alone.  Never undertake a large vehicle on the left, especially if you are at a junction. Don’t do this even if there is a cycle lane as you might be invisible to the driver.
  2. Make eye contact.  Eyeball other road users particularly at road junctions.
  3. Look over your shoulder.  Check behind when starting off, before the signal and at regular intervals.
  4. Look well ahead.  Check ahead for obstructions in the road so that you do not have to swerve suddenly.
  5.  Get out of the gutter.  Ride at least a metre from the kerb, further out if it’s unsafe for a vehicle to pass.
  6. Don’t get car-doored.  Leave plenty of room when passing vehicles.
  7. Show your intentions.  Signal and manoeuvre well in advance and only when it is safe to do so.  Keep your position in your lane so vehicles cannot undertake.
  8. Cover your brakes.  Rest your hands on your brake levers, so that you are ready to use them.  Always use both brakes at the same time and take care on slippery roads.
  9. Light up.  When it is dark or there is bad visibility you must have lights on the front and rear of your bike.  Carry spares in case your main lights fail.
  10. Get cycle training.  Both new and experienced cyclists can benefit from an adult training session.

See also The Definitive Guide to Safer Cycling at http://www.thebikestoragecompany.co.uk/bike-safety-guide/ which offers information on important cycling safety statistics as well as helpful tips and advice on how to stay safe whilst cycling at night, during winter, and in other less-than-ideal situations.