Special Needs

Surrey Wheels for All

Surrey Wheels for All is a working partnership between Cycling Projects and Surrey County Council. This nationally recognised programme makes cycling accessible to all and provides a range of adapted cycles, making cycling an option for young people who find other forms of physical activity difficult. They have a wide range of cycling equipment to enable almost everyone, whatever their ability or needs, to enjoy cycling. Go along if you want to try out one of their range of adapted cycles, or find out more about training or how to get involved as a volunteer or suppoter of the project. Sessions take place at the Sheerwater Track, Blackmore Crescent, Woking, GU21 5NZ. Up to date information on dates in  the Woking area are published on our “Welcome” page.  Cost is £2 person. For information on the National project see their Web site or contact their Co-ordinator Matthew.Wing@cycling.org.uk

There are loads of resources on the web, just type “special needs cycling” into Google to get over 1.3million results! Below are some useful links to help you on your way.

Velo Vision magazine

One of the best places to start is “Velo Vision” magazine. You can visit them direct at Velo Vision Magazine. They generally review unusual bicycles such as recumbrents (bikes where you almost lie down), tandems, cargo bikes and special needs cycles. They have lots of very useful links to manufacturers, suppliers and clubs for those with special needs.

They also have a special needs buyers guide in Adobe PDF format to Download

Alice Holt Forest

We’re very lucky to have a facility nearby (19 miles away) that caters for special needs cyclists. You can even hire a bike if you don’t have your own at resonable costs from Quench Cycles.

CTC run inclusive cycle session on Thurs from 9 till noon. It would be best to contact the centre first to avoid disappointment (confirm the availability of bikes, weather conditions, etc).

Details about Alice Holt Forest can be found here.
Alice Holt Forest, Bucks Horn Oak, Farnham, Surrey GU10 4LS

Theres also some Alice Holt information on the Cycle Touring Club website;
Video of the forest and the path surface
Description of available bikes
flickr: East Hampshire Cycling For All Group Photos

To give you an idea of where Alice Holt is, have a look at this map: