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Carole’s July Blog

We have news on our campaign fronts. Norman Johns’ petition to have the footway on Byfleet Road upgraded to a shared use cycle path was presented to the Elmbridge Local Committee on 27th June.  It was well received and the committee was sympathetic to the need but as is often the case, the bare minimum that could be considered would be a 2m wide off-carriageway route. This would be very expensive and there is no available budget for this kind of thing.  There was some discussion about a more modest approach which would make life easier for both motorists and cyclists without creating a fully fledged shared use facility. We hope this will come to pass. 

In regard to Muddy Lane, as I said last month, to upgrade Muddy Lane to a bridleway (to allow cyclists to be able to use it) was submitted to the Surrey Planning and Regulatory Committee on 8th June.  The committee voted to approve the application and the council will now prepare a Map Modification Order.  This is unlikely to be the final episode of this long running saga because those opposed have the right to appeal and this could give rise to a public enquiry.  If you want to see the meeting on webcast follow this link:

Keith Cresswell, a new member interested in campaign issues has been sending out feelers to other cycle groups who might be interested in helping each other out over campaign issues. Keith will be a welcome addition to our group.

The Prudential weekend of cycling will soon be upon us. Don’t forget to sign up to take part in the Prudential FreeCycle in London on 30 July. It is free.

I have joined the Kingston group a few times on their ride up to London which is a lot of fun. You can read all about it on You can be lazy and take the train to Surbiton and then it is only a short cycle to their meeting place in Kingston Market. They start at 9:30. If you do go up, be sure to have a laugh and stay for the Brompton World Championship which starts at 19:15. It is a Le Mans start on the Mall and no lycra allowed so there are some interesting outfits. Then on Sunday you can go and cheer Norman on who is riding for WellChild (still time to help him reach his goal) and/or go to somewhere nearby to watch the professionals whiz past you.

Our easy ride will be this Sunday 17 July starting from near the Woking Park children’s play ground at 2PM. The ride will be about 15 miles long. Pub night will be 26 July. And for those who like a challenge, Chris Jeggo will be leading one of his long rides on 7 August. See our website for more information on events and campaign issues.

Happy cycling,
Carole Frost
WCUG membership secretary

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