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Carole’s August Covid-19 Blog

Dear All,

Our life may not be back to normal but at least we can get out on our bikes in  groups of six. I see Breeze and Woking cycle clubs have restarted rides  in groups of six. I must admit although I don’t like rain, I don’t miss the heat wave

There are many virtual challenges if you want to participate. I know Love to ride has a September challenge where prizes can be won and there is the one for Cancer Research I mentioned last month.

I sent this email to Dan Williams last month:

I went down Muddy Lane for the first time in ages on Sunday and realised it was almost impossible for me to navigate the kissing gates with my heavy e-bike. I was wondering if sometime in the future they will be replacing them with some other bike-friendly device? I realise it is important to keep cars and motorbikes away but thought there must be some other device that would make it easier for bicycles.

For your information, here was his response:

I have asked our maintenance people to take a good look at this route and to figure out what actions we can take which do not allow anti-social behaviour to start here again. Strictly speaking none of the barriers should be here, but their removal I am sure would provoke an outcry and allow vehicles to start using it again. Along with all the problems that  entailed. We have certain powers to install structures under the highways act for safety reasons and I suspect that is what James Browne used when the kissing gates were put in. Unfortunately , despite various options available there is no sure way of allowing equestrian and bicycle use whilst preventing motorcycle use- in my experience a determined biker will find a way. There are various kind of ‘horse stile’ and ‘pinched gap’ which I imagine we will consider, but we will also have to consider any re-existing private rights and ensure that we do not interfere with those.

I am not sure when this will happen but I will give the officers another nudge As you will understand our lockdown workloads have increased significantly due to the much greater number of people out in the Countryside and walking generally so there may be a bit of  delay. Our senior maintenance officer recently told me that all reports coming in to us via our webpage, emails and contact centre have increased by 400-500% during this period!

Kind regards,
Daniel Williams

At least they are on the case! Those more agile than I can use it  to their heart’s delight.

Keith Cresswell has been keeping an eye on Woking’s plans for infrastructure to improve walking and cycling links in the area and he has noted that the CERES trail is the only Woking item subject of SCC’s second tranche bid for Emergency Active Travel funding. He sent a link to the plans which you might find interesting reading. It is true that the plans don’t include much in the way of improvements in the West Byfleet, Pyrford and  Byfleet area. If you live in the area you may wish to contact your local councillor.

I fear my reminder to people who came to our Zoom meeting last month was incorrect so hopefully I will get it right this time. The link in the WCUG matters was correct.  It is next Tuesday 25 August starting at 7PM [Please contact Carole for the Zoom link].

One of our members sister is selling an ebike if anyone is interested. Email me and I will pass it on to the member.

Happy cycling and maybe see you at the Virtual pub night.


Carole Frost
WCUG membership secretary

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