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Carole’s November Blog 2

Dear All,

I thought I should pass on to you what  we have  heard regarding use of the Basingstoke canal tow path. At the last meeting of the  Basingstoke Canal Joint Management Committee one of the items was to consider the adoption of a cycling policy statement and a Towpath Users code of conduct. Speed by cyclists seems to be the main problem. They have adopted a Cycle Policy Statement and Code for Towpath users that I would like to share with you; it’s on the Basingstoke Canal page of the website. If you would like to read the whole discussion please see item 9 on the following link:

Personally I always want to remind them that the only reason we have such a good surface on the towpath is because money from Cycle England was given to Sustrans to improve the surface of the  towpath and to suggest we use the roads instead is especially annoying. BUT we have to live with our neighbours so adopting the “Share the space, drop the pace” and “two tings” is a good thing. I wish the pedestrians would also remember not to walk across the whole path so no one can pass but if we are all considerate of others, this will also happen.

Public awareness campaigns to encourage cooperative shared use of towpaths seems the best way forward. So please pass this on to other cyclists you know and encourage them to Share the Space, cut the Pace.

Norman is working away on setting up regular meetings regarding cycling with WBC and SCC.

Remember to Light the Night to be seen when you are cycling.

Our last pub night of the year is Tuesday 27 November at the Sovereigns on Guildford Road.

Happy and safe cycling,

Carole Frost

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Carole’s November Blog

Dear All,

                Now that our rides are finished for the year there are a few campaign issues I would like to bring to your attention.

First from Annette:

“Hi Everyone,

As cyclists I think this proposed one way system is of interest to us and our community. If this one way system goes ahead and a provision is not made for cyclists it could force us on to the busy A322 on a very busy stretch, through dangerous bends where there is currently no cycle path. I know quite a few of us use Ford Road/ Lucas Green Road when cycling over towards West End, Bisley, Lightwater, Bagshot, even if only occasionally.

The Surrey County Council Consultation runs until the end of November. If we could share this amongst our cycling community that would be great.

So long as safe provision is made for cyclists I personally would not be opposed to a one way system. My concern is cyclists safety being over looked.


And then from our chairperson, Norman:

“I would like to arrange a regular meeting with Geoff McMannus at WBC I rather like the opportunity to meet 3 or 6 monthly… please see what folks think. Who would like to join me at the meetings? Also I would like to contact the WBC officer who has the job of encouraging shoppers into the town centre. We could encourage cycle use- ” saving car miles, parking fees  and time” if we had WBC detail the easy cycle routes in, especially from the Pyrford, Sheerwater, Woodham  points. Thoughts please.



Congratulations to all members who led or did back up for the rides. “

A few years ago we had a forum meeting about 3 times a year where we discussed cycling issues with members of SCC. They came to an end when the role of dedicated cycle officer was cut. Norman recently has been meeting with the WBC to champion our case for consideration of cyclists in and around the town centre. He would welcome some company at these meetings. If you would like to help and join Norman, please reply to this e-mail and I will pass on your information to Norman.

We heard from Daniel Williams about his response to the objections that caused the enquiry on Muddy Lane to be adjourned in May. We  have read it and think it is very  positive for us. But we have thought that before so we shall see.

Our last pub night of the year will be 27 November. We don’t have a pub night in December.

A reminder to be sure to have  lights and reflectors on your bikes so you can be seen in the dark.

Happy cycling,


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