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Carole’s November Blog

Just a  reminder that our last pub night of the year is next Tuesday 29 November  at 7:30 at the Sovereigns. We do not have a Pub night in December and the next one will then be Jan. 31, 2017.

For those who have signed up for it, our Christmas dinner is on 7 December at the Sovereigns at 7:00, please remember payment is in cash.

Lastly, George James reports that Norman’s petition to make the pavement along the A245 between Byfleet and Cobham  into a shared space, has received some good news. They are going to clear the path. Our hope is that if they find, after the path is cleared, that it is wide enough, they might at least sign it for shared use.

It is getting cold out there but hopefully there won’t be too much snow this winter and we can all keep on cycling…….with a few extra layers to keep us warm.

Seasons greetings to all.

Carole Frost
WCUG membership Secretary

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