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Do you know about the Dutch Reach? George James from the Elmbridge cycle group plus Cycling UK have been spreading the word that we should adopt the same here in England. Have you ever had a car door open in front of you and caused you to swerve, or actually been knocked off your bike? Usually it is just carelessness on the part of the driver not looking. The Dutch make it imperative that everyone learning to drive  must use the Dutch Reach. This is a simple manoeuvre by which the people in the car must use the far hand rather than the near hand to open the car door. As you reach across your chest, your body naturally turns, making it easier not just to check your mirrors for oncoming traffic (including cyclists), but also places you in a position to actually see the traffic. If it’s safe to do so, you can then open your door, and as you’re reaching across your body, you can ensure the door only opens partially, and not to its full extent. Simple really. Try it! You will like it! And if we can get everyone to do it, it might save a life.

Keith Cresswell, George James, Marion Melcher (footpath officer of the Muddy Lane area) and myself, all wrote to our MP Jonathan Lord asking him to urge the Secretary of State to move quickly on the appeal regarding the MMO to designate Muddy lane as a bridleway. We have had a favourable response so here is hoping it will be sorted before another summer passes.

We had a very interesting conversation with Martin Taplin from Guildford G-Bug at the last pub night.  Martin showed us a map he had devised to present to Highways England as part of the consultation on the M25 junction 10/A3. He suggested a mainly off road route from Ockham roundabout to north of the M25 and on to Cobham roundabout. Others from Guildford G-Bug are pushing for proper segregated cycle lanes along the A3. I hope you all made your views known in regard to the consultation. Of course this is only the first consultation. The next step will be an announcement of the preferred route plus a full public consultation on the preferred route. Both of these will be in late 2017.

Norman attended the Space for Cycling Roadshow that was held the end of January and found that the 2 sessions he attended really worth while. He was able to network with reps from six other Surrey Boroughs during the “creating a tube map”session. He is very interested in doing this and is working on the tube map with George James, Keith Cresswell, and Nigel Burke (Guildford) . If anyone else would like to get involved please let us know.

Our easy social rides will be starting next month. The first ride will be on 19 March leaving from the Woking Leisure centre at 2PM. Rides are free for all members and £1 for non-members. Rides will be about 15 miles with hopefully a stop for tea along the route. May I please ask participants to be sure and bring a spare inner tube for your bike.

Pub night is next week 28 February at the Sovereigns Pub, Guildford Road at 7:30. Hope to see you there.

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