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Carole’s October Blog II

Now that we have had our last easy cycle ride for the year, our final event will be the Christmas dinner. I hope all that would like to go, received Sandra’s email regarding the menu. The time is 7PM on Thus. 3 December 2015, at the Sovereigns on Guildford Road. Any questions, email Sandra at

Norman was pleased to see a new (at least to him) mobile cafe  open at the top of Staples Lane on the right in the woodland car park, just  before the Coomb Lane turn. It is open at weekends for hot drinks, nice snacks and an assortment of cycle repair items. Please spread the word.

We were interested to hear there is going to be an Inaugural Surrey Cycle Forum on 13 November, 2015 at Kempton Park. Annette Covey will be going to represent us and tell us what is being planned. We have not had access to a forum since the ones in Woking stopped a few years ago. This should be a good way to get our thoughts across to the “powers that be.”

I heard another interesting thing this past month. One of our new members bought a bike from Evans but soon realized it really wasn’t going to suit her needs and lo and behold, Evans let her replace the bike under their “Right Bike Guarantee.” I had never heard of this but thought it was  worth spreading the information.  Maybe all shops do this and I am just not well informed.

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