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Carole’s August Blog

Our Treasure Hunt which was set by Ralph Brown was a fun  ride. Karen and Andrew Smith were the winners. Thanks go to  Ralph for all his hard work. He might even be persuaded to do another one next year!

Out next ride will be 16 September starting from the Leisure centre near the ice cream hut near the children’s playground at 2 PM. Since I  will be leading it… will be as hill free as possible!!! If you need to contact me on the day the number is 07746394639

I will give you a little extra warning to remind you that our long afternoon ride will be on 7 October. We leave from the leisure centre at the same time but we will be back a bit later. Barbara will be leading us to Walton Bridge via the new bike route from Weybridge.

 Pub night will be next Tuesday evening, 28 August at 7:30 at the Sovereigns Pub.

Last but not least, we have been notified that the Muddy Lane Inquiry recommencement date has been set for 6-7 Feb 2019! When I emailed Dan Williams saying how disappointed I was that it was so far in the future he replied:

“Yes I was expecting a date before the end of this year at the latest. I think the Planning Inspectorate are under a lot of strain at the moment- every transaction seems to be taking 2-3 times longer than it did a few years ago. I suspect like many public bodies they have been cut to the bone. It gives plenty of time to prepare and time to forget where we were if we are not careful.” So the saga continues.

Happy cycling.

Carole Frost

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