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Dear All,

Some of us went to the public consultation regarding the A3/junction10 last weekend and Keith Cresswell wrote the following report which I think will be of interest to all.

“Whatever the merits or otherwise of the j10 scheme, it is commendable that there is a continuous non-motorised users path from Ockham junction to Painshill, which might please our friends from GBUG somewhat (although a dedicated cycle path as would have been the case in Germany, Holland and Denmark would be preferable).

However, the planners have given no thought to cyclists safety at the Ockham junction (particularly for users from Ockham Road North or Portsmouth Road to the new Wisley Lane) and as currently drafted will result in a cycle death at some stage from cyclists going across the end of the off ramp from the A3. This could be addressed by extending the non-motorised users path slightly to join with Ockham Road North and then continuing to the Portsmouth Road allowing cyclists to go the “wrong” way round the roundabout for 15 and 30 degrees respectively rather than 345 and 330 degrees as proposed as well as crossing on and off ramps to A3.

I believe it is important our members and GBUG’s comment to Highways England accordingly either through the Consultation Questionnaire

( ) or to by 26 March.

Keith Cresswell”

I also talked to someone who said they might have to move the non-motorized route from one side (airfield side) to the other (Wisley side) of the A3 because there was objection to taking land from Bolder Mere Lake. I suggested they keep the route on the airfield side and put a pontoon over the water with the route going over it. Any better suggestion, please let them know.

Anyway, please be sure and respond and urge them to try to make the Ockham junction safer for cyclists.


Carole Frost

WCUG membership secretary

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