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Dear All,

Despite the iffy weather last Sunday three hardy souls accompanied Robin on our first Sunday ride of the year. They enjoyed it despite the weather!

Our next ride will be led by Val and Julia on 19 June, starting at 2PM,  leaving from the leisure centre. There will be only one meeting point this time. Do remember to bring a spare inner tube for your bike should you get a puncture.

Our next virtual pub night is this Tues, 31 May at 7pm. Please ask me for the link if you don’t already have it. 

I received the following regarding the improvements on M25 junction 10/A3 Wisley interchange which might be of interest to our members:

Keeping you informed  You can find out more about our plans and keep up to date with the project on our dedicated webpage: There is also the opportunity for you to sign up to updates via the webpage.If you have any questions, please contact us either by email on or call 0300 123 5000 and one of the team will be happy to help.

I received the following from Keith Cresswell which I thought would be interesting to all:

“For info. The Environment Agency held a real and virtual Road Show this past week on the Sanway Flood Alleviation scheme.  This will involve building a 2m bund/shuttering at the end of Sanway Road/ beginning of Muddy Lane stretching round Common Meadows to Manor Farm.  It looks an excellent scheme  creating natural water meadows and a nature park under Woking Borough Council ownership.  

They kept referring to the existing footpath and new footpaths. I pointed out (as I had at the previous consultation) that Sanway Road and Muddy Lane was a bridleway and the  crossing of the bund should accommodate cyclists, horseriders as well as pedestrians and mobility vehicles. They apologised for the looseness of language and advised that they had been aware and plan a wide crossing of the bund at reasonable gradients.

I will monitor as plans develop but it would be as well for other users of Muddy Lane to check too. Completion is anticipated by winter 2025. “

Forgot to mention that Bike Week is 6/12 June. Also attention to all those who like a weekend away cycle/packing, I  saw in the that a new 145 mile cycle  route has been opened in Kent called the Cantii Way.

Happy Cycling

Carole Frost

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