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Carole’s August Blog


We have to say Congratulations to all who took part in the Ride London-Surrey. Especially our great grandfather leader who sent me this report:

Was caught in Pyrford where we waited for 90 minutes, after then there were regular hold ups on account of the mass of cyclists, narrow roads and more accidents. In all I reckon that we waited 2.5 hours. Did the 100 miles however and have the gong.

With everyone’s help, he managed to collect over £500 for Well Child. Well done Norman.

Norman also had a letter published in the Surrey Advertiser of 29 July:

The Importance of cycling helmets.

Cyclists who will not wear a helmet need to reconsider the decision.

Last Tuesday night I arrived at the scene of a road accident at the junction of the East Hill and Old Woking road, where a cyclist was lying in the road. Being a First Aider, I went to the assistance of the cyclist who had apparently been thrown into the windscreen of a car.

The injured person had a light on his cycle but NO helmet, the visible damage to this face and head were dreadful.

Friends of mine say ‘Oh a helmet messes up my hair style’ – this cyclist could now have a disfigured face for life. Please will all parents of young cyclists and adult cyclists get a helmet and while you are in the shop, a high visibility over-jacket for wearing after dark.

See and be seen is my motto.

At Pub night last month, Julian Keeley joined us. He is one of the founders of Woking Cycle Club. Some of the riders who join us on our easy social rides might be interested in joining his group on Sat.  mornings.  They meet near Cafe Primo in Horsell at 9:30 for a not so strenuous ride. You can find out their activities by joining them on Facebook “Woking CC Saturday Social”

Keith Cresswell has also been busy trying to find out who we can approach to maintain the footpath/cycle lane beside the A3 from New Lane to the footbridge to Wisley.  He sent the following  e-mail to our MP, Jonathan Lord:

Highways England appear to be a bit of a black hole and there is no obvious route to request maintenance of footpaths and cycle paths alongside trunk roads. I was out this morning and can confirm that the footpath/cycle track alongside the A3 at Wisley between Old Lane and the RHS footbridge is still poorly maintained, especially the first 50 metres, which are in a very poor state. We would be grateful if you could help ensure the need for maintenance reaches the correct department.

It would be nice if we could get some action.

Meanwhile, Norman has been approaching councillors for Chobham to see if the cycle route from Chobham to Woking could be reinstated.

I hope that is all the information I needed to pass on this month! If not, I am sure there will be a PS.

Our Easy Social ride will be this Sunday 21 August, meeting near the children’s playground in Woking Park for departure at 2PM.

Pub night is August 30th, 7:30 at The Sovereigns.

Happy cycling,

Carole Frost

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Carole’s July Blog

We have news on our campaign fronts. Norman Johns’ petition to have the footway on Byfleet Road upgraded to a shared use cycle path was presented to the Elmbridge Local Committee on 27th June.  It was well received and the committee was sympathetic to the need but as is often the case, the bare minimum that could be considered would be a 2m wide off-carriageway route. This would be very expensive and there is no available budget for this kind of thing.  There was some discussion about a more modest approach which would make life easier for both motorists and cyclists without creating a fully fledged shared use facility. We hope this will come to pass. 

In regard to Muddy Lane, as I said last month, to upgrade Muddy Lane to a bridleway (to allow cyclists to be able to use it) was submitted to the Surrey Planning and Regulatory Committee on 8th June.  The committee voted to approve the application and the council will now prepare a Map Modification Order.  This is unlikely to be the final episode of this long running saga because those opposed have the right to appeal and this could give rise to a public enquiry.  If you want to see the meeting on webcast follow this link:

Keith Cresswell, a new member interested in campaign issues has been sending out feelers to other cycle groups who might be interested in helping each other out over campaign issues. Keith will be a welcome addition to our group.

The Prudential weekend of cycling will soon be upon us. Don’t forget to sign up to take part in the Prudential FreeCycle in London on 30 July. It is free.

I have joined the Kingston group a few times on their ride up to London which is a lot of fun. You can read all about it on You can be lazy and take the train to Surbiton and then it is only a short cycle to their meeting place in Kingston Market. They start at 9:30. If you do go up, be sure to have a laugh and stay for the Brompton World Championship which starts at 19:15. It is a Le Mans start on the Mall and no lycra allowed so there are some interesting outfits. Then on Sunday you can go and cheer Norman on who is riding for WellChild (still time to help him reach his goal) and/or go to somewhere nearby to watch the professionals whiz past you.

Our easy ride will be this Sunday 17 July starting from near the Woking Park children’s play ground at 2PM. The ride will be about 15 miles long. Pub night will be 26 July. And for those who like a challenge, Chris Jeggo will be leading one of his long rides on 7 August. See our website for more information on events and campaign issues.

Happy cycling,
Carole Frost
WCUG membership secretary

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Carole’s June Blog

Our AGM was held on 16 May and the full report on the meeting is published on our Web page under Useful Information. Norman’s petition to convert the A245 from Byfleet and Cobham into a shared pedestrian/cyclist path has attracted 194 signatures as of today. He will be going before the local committee at the end of June. The petition stops on 12 June so you still have a few days to sign it if you haven’t already so.

A new member, Keith Cresswell, has started work on a new campaign close to the heart of a lot of our members regarding making a pedestrian/cycling lane along the A3 between Mill Lane and Wisley Lane. You can read about that also in the report on the AGM.

Good news on the Muddy Lane issue. We received an e-mail from Catherine Valiant saying her report was going to the Planning and Regulatory Committee on 8 June with the recommendation that a Map Modification Order be made to change the status of the footpath to a bridleway. You can read her full report by following this link  Planning & Regulatory Committee; her report is item 8.  It makes interesting reading. We have no doubt there will be an objection and it will have to go to a public inquiry but at least we are moving along.

Bike week is June 11 to 19. Our ride on 19 June will be part of this event. To find out other events around the country and see how you can win prizes by taking part in the ride to work challenge programme  go to

George James will be leading a ride to London on 12 June to celebrate the Queen’s 90 birthday. The theme will be prince and princesses. Sign up for his e-mails at

Our long afternoon ride will be 3 July, leaving at the same time from Woking Park but a longer ride and a later return.

Pub night will be 28 June.

Happy cycling,

Carole Frost

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Carole’s May Blog

I know this is a little last minute but Norman and I are both going to be away most of June  so we are going to have the  AGM on Monday 16 May at 7:30 at Old Woking Community Centre, Sundridge Road, Old Woking. This is right next to Woking College off Rydens Way.  Enter by the main entrance as the hall we are booked into is on the upper floor above that entrance. Come and tell us what is on your mind. If anyone would like to join the committee, you would be more than welcomed.

I would like to wish everyone who has signed up for the Woking Bikeathon this Sunday, 8 May ,10:00, a good ride. It looks like the weather gods will be smiling on all who participate. (I hope I haven’t but the commentator’s curse on it!). You can still sign up on the day if you so wish and don’t forget about the Kid’s Bikathon. The Kid’s Bikathon starts at 11 and is for the younger ones and takes place entirely within Woking Park.

            Dues are Due. It is that time of year when I have to remind everyone that Dues are Due. Membership remains at the bargain price of £5 for one year and £20 for 5 years. The membership runs from May 31st to May 31st. Membership is for the whole family and offers discount at some cycle shops, free Sunday rides, and an opportunity to have an Affiliated membership to CyclingUK (formerly CTC.) If you wish to get the CyclingUK  affiliated membership you must let us know so we can give you the code that you will need. Payment remains old fashioned—either by cheque made out to Woking Cycle User Group or cash. Payment may be sent to me at 25 Waldens Park Road, Woking, Surrey GU214RN.

CTC has now been rebranded as CyclingUK.  The Website is As a  member of WCUG, you will be able to have an affiliated CyclingUK membership. This costs £24 a year and gives you third party insurance, access to a wide range of retail discounts and their weekly e-newsletter ‘Cycle Clips’  full of all the very latest cycling news. Go to   The third party insurance will guard against claims for accidental damage caused by you while cycling. (Terms and conditions apply).Please note that this membership is for third party insurance only, if you are a full member you have access to more coverage and especially legal advice.

There is still time to  sponsor Norman in the Prudential Ride London and sign his  petition for a safer Byfleet-Cobham cycle route – see .

We have also been approached to see if it will be possible to have a cycle lane added to the side of the A3 from Ripley to the turn off to Wisley. Since that is in the Highways England hands rather than Surrey, we are finding it a bit more onerous. We’ll see. It sure would be nice.

Muddy Lane still remains up in the air. We were assured that after the elections, more time will be devoted to this project. Here is hoping.

Our easy social ride is 15 May leaving the Woking Park at 2:00. We have put routes of our rides on our Website which might be of interest for those who want to go on rides…..or those who have been on our rides and wondered where we had been!

Pub night will be 31 May.

I hope as many of you as possible will be able to attend our AGM on 16 May.

Happy cycling,

Carole Frost

WCUG membership secretary

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Carole’s March Blog

We have our campaigning hats on again. Norman has been training for the Surrey 100 (you can still sponsor him!) and realized what a boon it would be if you could cycle down the A245 without having to take your life in your hands between Byfleet and Cobham.  Soooo we have started a petition asking the council to make the footpath that runs down the side of the road into a shared cycle/pedestrian path. It wouldn’t solve the whole problem but means you can stay off that main busy “A”  road for most of the way. It also keeps you off the main road if you are going from Weybridge or Byfleet past Silvermere and on to the other  side of the M25 towards Ockham. If we get enough signatures on the e-petition, Norman can go to the Local committee meeting and plead the case. You can read about the proposal and sign the petition by going to:     If you belong to another cycling organization or know anybody who lives in Surrey and would like to see cyclists off the busy A245 ( I bet even motorists would like that!) , will you please pass on the message about signing the petition.

For those foolhardy souls who didn’t believe the weather forecast, a fun Easter Egg Hunt ride was had by all those that participated. Thank you George for putting in the effort to test our observational skills……trying to spot numbers etc. through the hail was the challenge!

Our second ride of the year will be 17 April. We shall be going out to check the health of the giraffes in Send. We gather near the children’s playground in Woking Park to be on our way by 2. You might want to come and practice for the Woking Bikeathon which will be on 8 May.

Chris Jeggo will be leading another of his long rides on 1 May as part of our attempt to provide rides for our more experienced cyclists. The meeting place is 9:15 at the band stand in Woking Park. Hopefully more people will want to join him now that the weather is getting better. You can see the link to his Web site on our Website.

Norman is still searching for sponsorship for his Prudential Ride London challenge which is in aid of Well Child so please follow the link below if you would like to help.

We have listed some sites where you can find out about other rides, either charitiy rides or sportives on our Charity Rides page.

Next pub night, 26 April at 7:30 at the Sovereigns on Guildford Road, Woking.

Happy cycling,


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Carole’s February Blog

I hope the weather will improve soon and we can all be back on our bikes without having to wear ski clothing!

I was hoping to announce progress on the Muddy Lane saga but I fear our case officer was out of the office when I e-mailed her so that will have to wait till next time.

I thought I should warn you that the towpath will be closed between Boundary Road Recreation Ground and Monument Bridge to allow the work to the Rive Ditch culvert to be undertaken safely. The suggested alternative route is via Boundary Road and Monument Road. The rest of towpath through the area of the drain down in Woking will remain open as usual. This will be happening during Feb/March

Our Easy Social rides will be starting in March. The first one will be 20 March starting at the Leisure Centre at 2PM. These rides are about 14-18 miles long.

Our ride for more experienced cyclists lead by Chris Jeggo will be on  6 March starting from the bandstand in Woking Park at 9:15. This ride will be about 45-50 miles. See our Website for more information.

The Ride Social organized by Sky Rides will be on 20 Feb. and 5 March leaving  Sheerwater  Recreation Ground at 1:30. These rides are about 15 miles long.

Breeze rides for ladies only are on 3 March and 17 March starting at 9:30 from the bridge by the Bridge Barn.  These rices are about 15 miles. You can sign up by following the link on our Web site.

George James from the Elmbridge cycle group is having another one of his “fairly interesting Easter Egg hunt ride” on Easter Sunday 27 March. The  start will be from the Hand and Spear Pub by Weybridge Station at 10:00. It is a lot of fun and last year the winners were one of our own, the Smith family. The ride involves following clues around the area and collecting numbers. It finished around 1 with prizes for the winners and then you can stay on to have something to eat at the Hand and Spear if you wish. No need to sign up, just arrive on time.

Norman Johns, our chairperson  has secured a place in the Surrey 100! He will be riding for Well Child and we will put his just giving page up in case anyone would like to help him reach his sponsorship goal.

On a completely different subject, we have decided that pub night will go back to starting at 7:30 instead of 7:00. If anyone has had objections please let me know. The next pub night will be next week 23 Feb. at the Sovereigns on Guildford Road.

Happy cycling,

Carole Frost

WCUG Membership Secretary

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Carole’s December Blog

I missed the last ride of the season but I hear the Acers in Windsor Great Park did their bit by being very colourful and everyone enjoyed the ride led by Sandra.  They forgot to take a picture!

Annette Covey attended the Inaugural Surrey Cycle  forum which was part of the Surrey Physical Activity conference. The web site for the Active Surrey is  Annette said Dr. William Bird gave a very inspirational talk. Other speakers talked about the This Girl Can campaign and encouraging children to walk to school. The cycle forum was mainly  a workshop regarding the cycle strategy to adopt for the next several years.

Norman wrote to J Kingsbury, head of Woking council,  to encourage him to read Sustrans’s Biggest ever cycle survey. In the biggest survey ever conducted on attitudes to cycling in the UK, three quarters (75%) of people want national governments to invest more in making cycling safer.  Nearly eight in ten (79%) people say they want improved safety for people riding bikes.  Three quarters (75%) support more investment in cycling, with £26/person a year the average amount people want governments to be investing.  If you would like to see the survey go to

Lastly, I wrote to Catherine Valiant, Countryside Access Officer, Surrey County Council, the case officer handling the Muddy Lane case and received the following: “I am still investigating the case, along with a number of other cases and at the moment it is at the top of my pile – I am currently pulling together the evidence in a report which will be taken to committee for a decision. I appreciate that the investigation is taking some considerable time and that this must be frustrating for you. Whilst it may appear to be a straightforward case, there are still lots of things to consider as I want to make sure that the recommendation we reach can be robustly defended.  I am intending to reach a recommendation by the end of this year with a view to it going to Committee in the New Year.”

After our Christmas Do, things will be a little quiet till pub night at the end of January and our social rides will start again in March.  But do go to our Other Cycle Rides page to see what else is on offer during the winter months.  Chris Jeggo said he might be able to offer a ride for more experienced riders in February.  Keep an eye on our website and I will let you know.

I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season.

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Carole’s October Blog II

Now that we have had our last easy cycle ride for the year, our final event will be the Christmas dinner. I hope all that would like to go, received Sandra’s email regarding the menu. The time is 7PM on Thus. 3 December 2015, at the Sovereigns on Guildford Road. Any questions, email Sandra at

Norman was pleased to see a new (at least to him) mobile cafe  open at the top of Staples Lane on the right in the woodland car park, just  before the Coomb Lane turn. It is open at weekends for hot drinks, nice snacks and an assortment of cycle repair items. Please spread the word.

We were interested to hear there is going to be an Inaugural Surrey Cycle Forum on 13 November, 2015 at Kempton Park. Annette Covey will be going to represent us and tell us what is being planned. We have not had access to a forum since the ones in Woking stopped a few years ago. This should be a good way to get our thoughts across to the “powers that be.”

I heard another interesting thing this past month. One of our new members bought a bike from Evans but soon realized it really wasn’t going to suit her needs and lo and behold, Evans let her replace the bike under their “Right Bike Guarantee.” I had never heard of this but thought it was  worth spreading the information.  Maybe all shops do this and I am just not well informed.

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Carole’s October Blog



Once again we were blessed with fabulous weather for our all day ride last Sunday and a good time was had by all. It was very crowded at Covent Garden but that was no surprise and it was fun seeing all the Shaun the Sheeps.

It is time to put another date in your diary. I know it seems a long way away but we want to get our booking in for the Christmas Do. This year it will be on Thursday, 3 December at 7PM at the Sovereigns on Guildford Road. We need to know numbers by 20 October so will you please respond to Sandra

The menu can be found on this link so be sure to let Sandra know your choice when you email her. We hope you can make it.

Our last easy social ride will be to see the Acer Wood in Windsor Great Park. Here is hoping the cool nights will paint the leaves! The date is 18 October and Sandra will be leading it. We will start from near the children’s play ground in Woking Park at 2:00.

Pub night will be 27 October at the Sovereigns.

I wanted also to remind paid up members of the following which we received from CTC headquarters when we paid our annual membership :“ Members of your group can now join CTC too for just £16 a year by going to .And putting in the code. This will guard against claims for accidental damage caused by them while cycling. (Terms and conditions apply). They will also receive:
– Access to a wide range of retail discounts.
– Our entertaining weekly e-newsletter ‘CycleClips’, full of all the very latest cycling news. They can also enjoy their own regular copy of ‘Cycle’ and free legal claims advice by upgrading to full CTC membership for individuals and families.”

For members who would like to avail themselves of the offer, please e-mail me to get the code. I send this e-mail to members and non-members alike so hence the reason I am not able to publish the code here.

Once again, the real “to do” is to notify Sandra that you can make the Christmas Do and what you would like to eat.

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Carole’s September blog

Now that rainy August is behind us, I wonder if Indian Summer is on the way. Actually August wasn’t too bad till the end of the month.

Congratulations to all those who took part in challenges this summer. We were fortunate the weather was great for the Prudential Ride Surrey weekend but  I don’t think the Breeze ride in Windsor was very good.

Norman took on the challenge of getting the Nuffield in Woking to put in cycle stands for their visitors. He also reminded Woking of a few pot holes that need repairing. I hope everyone knows about where you can report pot holes and hopefully they will be filled.

Our easy social ride will be on 20 September starting at 2 PM at Woking Leisure centre near the children’s playground.

Our all day ride to see the great Shaun the Sheep roundup will be 27 September. We will be meeting on the car park side of Woking station ready to leave at 9am. We will be cycling to London via the Thames Path, Richmond Park, Barnes Common, Putney, Brompton Cemetery, Hyde Park, Green Park and on to Covent Garden where the round up will be in progress. We will be stopping for coffee and lunch along the way and coming back by train from Waterloo Station. The whole journey from Woking is about 35 miles.  We will have an alternative meting point by the coffee van at Walton Bridge. If you are going to meet us there, you should be there about 9:45. Would those who would like to join us please send me an e-mail so we will not leave without you and also tell me where you will be joining us…..Woking or Walton Bridge.

Pub night is 29 September at the Sovereigns on Guildford Road, Woking.

Happy cycling

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Picnic ride to Waverley Abbey – 8 August 2015

Waverley AbbeyWCUG cyclists enjoy a picnic lunch in splendid weather at the ruins of Waverley Abbey, near Farnham, on an all-day ride led by Carole.

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Annette wins ‘Volunteer of the Year’ Award

Photo02001Congratulations to WCUG member Annette Covey. The CTC, the national cycling charity, has presented her with their 2015 South-east England ‘Volunteer of the Year’ award, for her sterling work with the Surrey Wheels for All campaign, which encourages less-abled people to participate in cycling.  Read more about Wheels for All on our Special Needs page.

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