Norman’s report of G-Bug Meeting, 30 February

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Norman went to the G-Bug open meeting last week and I thought you might be interested in his summation of the event. They also briefly touched on pot holes and we were reminded that we all should report the ones we see. The link is



WCUG membership secretary

Guildford G – Bug group had widely advertised this event  which attracted about 50 interested cyclists. The guest Speaker was Sargent Phill Dix from Surrey Police

Before Sgt Dix arrived the Surrey Police Crime Commissioner made a short appearance. He mentioned the joint initiative between Sussex  & Surrey POLICE to roll out the CTC designed Cyclist mat project details ,This has been adopted and is being used to demonstrate to vehicle drivers the need to give cyclist a clear 1.5 m space when the vehicle is over –taking cyclist[s] . After offering  good cheer to the assembled group the PCC left for an engagement out county.

Sgt Dix arrived ,having been held up by the heavy traffic in Guildford. After an introduction he spoke and later took questions on – The high number of cyclist deaths and injuries in Surrey. The CTC Map project.  Use of video cameras by cyclists ,and the need to get recorded details of apparent dangerous driving  to the the Police in 24 hours of the incident  and collecting of witnesses to incidents. There are on line forms available from “ “ this is also the place to report incidents of antisocial driving.

The police are staging enforcement incidents with an officer dressed in civilian clothing, cycling in locations where incidents of vehicle drivers / cyclist accidents and near misses have been reported.. The officer on the cycle will be provided  with a helmet video cameras and a microphone for direct communications to a backup police team. Offenders are usually invited to a training session including the use of the “cycle mat”. Any offenders who have committed serious traffic infringements will however be served with a  notice on the spot. Apparently the police make  extensive use of a twitter account to spread  details of offences to over 1,000 followers. There are the usual officer shortage restraints on the forces ,plenty of enthusiasm but only about 20 on road  operations under taken to date.

I asked Sgt Dix if the police could assist with the challenge of getting the Councillor members of local authority Transport committees interested in supporting Petitions to provide off road cycle /pedestrian routes where the road situations are too dangerous for other than” experienced cyclist”. Not having the department details to hand, Sgt Dix was given my contact details and promises to forward the details . A large number of routine questions were asked by the audience, a majority will be normal practice for WCUG members. Helmet use and visibility issues being 2 important issues.

A well organised event.


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