Why join?

Our aim is to represent fully all cyclists in the Woking area. The more people that join the Cycle Users Group the more representative we are in our discussions with Surrey County Council and other councils. Joining us costs £5 for a year and £20 for five years, so saving £5. The membership year ends on 31 May and, if you join after 1 January in any year, we offer membership until 31 May of the following year.

Your membership brings these benefits:

  • When there is important news to pass on, we will email you.
  • You can come on our rides for free; non-members pay £1.
  • Being a member of our group means you can join Cycling UK (formerly CTC)  for just £26/year as an affiliated member. The membership will provide 3 rd party insurance against claims for accidental damage caused by you while cycling (terms and conditions apply). You will also receive access to a wide range of retail discounts and receive an e-newsletter, ‘CycleClips’, which is full of all the very latest cycling news. We will send you the necessary information on how to join with your membership card.
  • You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting our campaigning efforts on behalf of all cyclists.

Please click here to apply for membership.