AGM minutes 2015

Annual General Meeting 17 June 2015



Norman Johns (Chair)    Carole Frost     Richard MacCutchan
Chris Jeggo    Rico Signore    Annette Covey
Tony Faithfull    Barbara Rossouw    Robin Hamilton
George James    Sandra Lee    Steve Perry

1. Welcome

Norman opened the meeting by welcoming those present to the meeting. Copies of the Agenda, Minutes of the last AGM and Annual Accounts were distributed.

2. Apologies

Apologies were received from: Peter Spreckley, Dindy Jones, Julia Warner, Val Wye.

3. Minutes of last Year’s AGM and Matters arising

The previous year’s minutes were approved.

4. Matters arising

There were no matters arising.

5. Chairman’s report

Welcome to all at the end of a good, fun, cycling year. I would also like to thank the committee, and indeed all members of the group, who support our activities. There have been a number of highlights, and a few lowlights:

  • Annette received her award for services to the “Wheels for All” project, for young and older riders, with events on the Sheerwater track.
  • Carole working to get the cycle friendly traffic humps built in Well Lane.
  • Carole also leading the Sunday rides from March through to October, backed up by other members of the group.
  • We are happy to see Tony back on his bike after a serious accident last year, when he was hit by a car.
  • Two members have had cycles stolen from the racks on the south side of the station. Unfortunately there is no CCTV on this side, so the police are unlikely to catch the culprits. There is now a secure parking unit on this side, funded by central government.
  • The Basingstoke Canal Authority has recently launched a campaign aimed at educating people on shared use of the towpath. Unfortunately it contains a rather negative bias towards cyclists, even though much of the work to rebuild it was finanaced by Sustrans and Cycle Woking money.
  • Members have been enjoying rides with the Elmbridge Group, led by George, including the annual Easter Egg hunt.
  • National figures on cyclists being killed or injured on our roads make sobering reading. In London alone there has been a 5% increase in cycle journeys to some 610000 a year. Sadly, more women than men seem to be the victims of cycle motor vehicle collisions. Advice which we all should take seriously includes:

o Wear high visibility clothing at all times.

o Have good high definition lights, front and rear at minimum.

o Never challenge motor vehicles; you will lose.

o Stay ahead of or well behind buses, coaches, HGVs etc., so the driver is aware of your presence.

o Do not undertake vehicles unless you are in a clearly marked cycle lane.

o Do not ride more than 2 abreast (Highway Code), and even then, only when safe to do so.

o Cycle lanes are not mandatory, but are there to help you.

o On narrow roads the safest place is in the middle where motorists can see you from far away.

6. Presentation and Approval of Accounts

Members were given a copy of the accounts for the year ended 31 March 2015

The accounts are largely self-explanatory. Membership subscriptions were down compared to the previous year, when a number of 5-year subscriptions were received. Our expenses remain largely static, as we have not been financing any major campaigns. The group did subsidise the last Christmas Dinner.

Suggestions for items that we may support financially are always welcome from members..

7. Membership Secretary’s Report

  • Membership: We had 51 paid up members for 2014/15 representing 89 adults and 27 children. I have sent out the dues reminder letters and have had a few replies. A lot of our 5 year memberships are running out so I don’t know if they will be reapplying. I reminded everyone abut the affiliated CTC membership. I send out the WCUG matters to everyone who has paid in the last 3 years.
  • Sunday Cycle Rides: We had rides every month from April to October. There was a longer afternoon ride in July which was led by Barbara Rossouw . The all day ride was led by Norman when we took the train to Waterloo and came back via the Thames Path. Our rides have averaged 10 people. Our all day ride and the last ride of the season to see the Acers at Windsor Great Park attracted a few more riders. I want to thank Norman, Richard and Robin who have been very helpful acting at assistants, and Norman who has led rides when I have not been available. We now have a first aid kit which the ride leader takes on the ride.
  • Muddy Lane: We were delighted to hear that the council have taken on a new officer, Catherine Taylor, and one of her first jobs has been to investigate our claim to have the definitive map of Surrey show Muddy Lane as a bridleway. She came to talk to George and myself in April and said she would be interviewing people who had filled out the evidence forms. She was especially interested in talking to those who had used the Lane during the 20 years before 2006 when it was bought by the man at Banyan cottage. I have since heard from 2 people who told me she had interviewed them. After the interviews are complete, she will make her recommendation and it should go to the committee, she thought probably in the fall. Of course then Mr. Garland has the right to appeal and demand a public inquiry so there is still a long way to go. We have heard of 2 incidents in the past year where Mr. Chapman has been aggressive to riders whether they are on their bikes or just pushing them through the Lane. Once the police were called. Due to his behaviour, even the council would like to get this problem solved. We have collected 59 evidence forms in all.
  • H G WELLS cycle route: George James from Elmbrige Cycle club has prepared a route which goes from Horsell to Primrose Hill. This a War of the World route, following all the places mentioned in the book. Once it has been finalized he will let Tony Kramer know about it. George has really done all the work on this.

8. Election of Officers

Nominations were invited for the committee, there being none:

  • Norman Johns was confirmed as Chairman
  • Carole Frost as Membership Secretary
  • Richard MacCutchan as Treasurer and General Secretary

9. Current and Future Issues

  • Chris Jeggo may be offering to lead further rides next year.
  • Chris also noted that members of CTC are encouraged to vote in favour of all motions for this year’s AGM, particularly the one sponsored by him.
  • George’s newsletter (Elmbridge Group) is read by some 280 people so is a useful vehicle for getting news out.
  • George has also been invited to join a task force to review cycling facilities within Elmbridge Borough.
  • Robin Hamilton has taken responsibility for the group’s website and is currently working on a revamped, more user friendly, version. Access is currently limited, but he hopes to have it published in the near future.

10. Any Other Business


There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 20:45.

Richard MacCutchan